Product Price List


8 oz. Honey $4.50
 12 oz. Honey Bear $7.00

1 lb. Honey $8.00

 2 lb. Honey  $14.00

46 oz. Honey (quart) $20.00

  ***5 Lbs and larger sized jars are not available through the mail right now.  Please contact me so I can get back to you when they are available.  You can email me at or call me at (315) 497-9079.  Thank you for your patience!***
5 lb. Honey   $30.00 (not available by mail)
1 Gallon Honey $60.00 (Not available by mail)

Comb Honey $10.00  

 Cream Honey (8 Oz.)  $4.50

Cream Honey(1 Lb.) $8.00

Beautiful muth bottles of honey are now available! 


  Bee Pollen (4 oz.) $4.00        
 Pillar Candles $15.00
Votive Candles $1.50
Small Skep Candles $2.00

BeeSoothe Skin Balm $6.00

Soap varieties
Homemade Soap with Beeswax & Honey $5.00

Checks may be made out to "Standing Stone Honey Products."
Prices are subject to change.  Please contact Ron by leaving a message at (315) 497-9079 for any products not listed in this list or other questions and comments.  Thank you!
Shipping:  If you order through this site the shipping will cost $12.00 for any orders under $50.  If you have questions for the shipping price of larger orders please send a quick email to:  or call me at (315) 497-9079.