Homemade Soap Now Available

All soaps offered here are made with beeswax & honey
Soap varieties
All Natural, Vegetable Based Soaps

These soaps are all homemade with only natural essential oils to scent them.  They are not strongly scented, but carry natural, pleasant scents.  They are vegetable based, meaning that they are not made with animal fats.   I made all these soaps with honey, which is a moisturizer and believed to nourish skin.  I included beeswax which helps the bar last longer and is also considered helpful for the skin.
The bars are hand cut and are different sizes.  The average bar is around 3 oz.
This is a new venture.  If you have any questions or would like a custom made soap, please contact me at:  Ron@hivetreasures.com or call (315) 497-9079.

All soaps below are made with these ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, lye, beeswax, and honey. Please note: All natural soap is made with lye. In the soap making process the lye changes its structure and becomes glycerin which is a valuable moisturizer.  Commercial soaps usually have the glycerin removed because of its value in industrial purposes.  For this reason, and more, homemade soaps are much better soaps.

Unscented Shea Butter Soap
This soap is super fatted so that it is extra gentle.  It is unscented, but the shea butter gives it a light nutty scent.
Lavender Soap
The lavender soap has a natural floral scent that can help you can reminisce of a herbal rock garden.
Peppermint Soap
The vibrant scent of peppermint is one of the first scented soaps I made and one of the favorites.  It's a fresh, welcome scent to wake up to.
Orange Clove Soap
This must be the favorite soap of my customers.  Has a bright, cheerful, but mild scent.
Cinnamon Oat Soap
Has the baking scent of cinnamon, with some texture of ground oatmeal to give it exfoliating qualities.
Rosemary Soap
Has a gentle pine-like scent.
Tea Tree Soap
Tea tree is said to be helpful for various skin conditions.